The Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology of the University of Ioannina offers a program of study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree (Ptychion) in one of the following three areas/specializations:
•    Philosophy
•    Education
•    Psychology.

The courses are distributed within 8 semesters (i.e. 4 academic years); to qualify for the Bachelor's Degree, a student must successfully attend 52 courses (for any of the three specializations), including 4 courses for learning a foreign language (English, French or German). The student selects his/her major at the beginning of the 5th semester of studies.

The Study Programme is structured in two cycles. The 1st Cycle (the first 4 semesters) includes courses that are basic or introductory in nature. The 2nd Cycle (the last 4 semesters) includes courses offering specialised knowledge. This structure encourages students to plan their study programme, according to their own personal choices, and to acquire the necessary knowledge and abilities to think and act, which will allow them to successfully meet with the new social challenges of our era. The available courses (all run for a semester) are divided into two categories:
a) obligatory courses are the courses that all students must attend and succeed in order to get their degree. These courses cannot be substituted in case of failure, and
b) optional courses are discipline-focused  courses student should attend and succeed according to their major. These courses can be substituted in case of failure.

Each semester consists of 13 weeks of teaching/instruction followed by 2 or 3 weeks for examinations. There are three examination periods: winter (January-February), summer (June) and autumn (September).
To acquire a Bachelor’s Degree, a student is required to achieve a total of 240 ECTS of obligatory and optional courses.




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Section of Philosophy

Section of Education

Section of Psychology




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